Heroic Emerald Nightmare: Cleansed! 7/7 Down!

Heroic Emerald Nightmare: Cleansed! 7/7 Down!

So, we cleansed the Nightmare* and all we got was this lousy T-Shirt…

Heroes of the Nightmare!

So we’re now done with progression in Emerald Nightmare, and have cleared a full 7/7 😀

Big congratulations to everyone involved in the progression in this instance, and a big shout out to TeaTimeNeil, who has done an admirable job in EN. He recently joined the guild and immediately started helping out with raid leading on nights where I wasn’t present, or helped while I was getting used to difficult tank fights (Heroic Ursoc slightly under-geared is a joy to behold…not!).

He also raid lead the majority of our progression kills, seeing through the first 5 boss kills, whilst I performed RL on the final two bosses.

But also huge congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed in any way to the clearing of Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare, you performed admirably and cleared both difficulties with superb speed and efficiency!

Normal mode especially, as we cleared it inside of 2 raid nights!

Well done all, and bring on Trial of Valor! 😀

*We actually cleared this on 24/10, but I’m only getting my lazy ass around to writing this now 😀
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