Heroic Emerald Nightmare – A Poke in the Eye!

Heroic Emerald Nightmare – A Poke in the Eye!

So since the last update we’ve been progressing through Heroic EN, and so far we’ve taken out:

  • Nythendra
  • Ursoc
  • Dragons of Nightmare
  • Il’Gynoth

We’ve begun progression on Elerethe Renferal (an hour so far, 50% best pull in that hour), and she should go down this week sometime (fingers crossed!)

Trial of Valor is coming in Patch 7.1, which has been revealed to be coming Oct 25th. Luckily it still has the same ilevel gear as EN, so we’ll not miss out on much by working to clear EN before ToV!

It does give us an extra 3 bosses to clear on normal mode farm night though, as we’re clearing EN normal on farm night in about 2 hours, probably less if we were a bit more efficient 😛


Here’s TeaTimeNeil’s video of our Heroic Il’Gynoth kill!

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