Emerald Nightmare: Cleansed!

Emerald Nightmare: Cleansed!

Hey guys, been a few months since the last update!

Legion has launched, we’ve all hit 110 with at least one character and have begun raiding endeavours in the Emerald Nightmare!

Well for Thunder at least, after 2½ raid nights we’ve already cleared the Emerald Nightmare! 😀

Yep, we cleared 5/7 on the first night, downed Cenarius on the second night, and took a handful of pulls on the third night to down the final boss, Xavius, and cleanse the Emerald Nightmare 😀

cenarius-1 got%27em

Huge well done to everyone involved, and it means we’re going to be heading into full on Heroic mode either this reset coming or the reset after!

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