We are the Heralds of the Titans!

We are the Heralds of the Titans!

This is something we’ve had planned for quite a long while. Months upon months in fact.

Tuna originally floated the idea back in June, and the fire was lit 😀

We all levelled characters to level 80 over the interceding months, and got them geared and ready to go…

We have to run 2 groups through, because we didn’t have enough bodies for a 25 man run, but too many for a single 10 man run. So being as fair as I could, we took those 10 that signed on the raid planner first up to Ulduar for the first night’s run:

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So gathered up, and with an Algalon lockout ready to roll, we headed in.

Now, for those interested, you don’t have to have BiS gear, not at all. However it is still a pretty tough fight at level 80 and 226 ilevel gear!

The biggest things that screwed over our early attempts were the collapsing stars. They definitely need handled well if you’re to make it through phase 1 alive.

In fact Phase 1 was by far the harder of the two phases, and phase 2 at 20% health was a cakewalk in comparison!

But after about 90 minutes we got into the zone, and got it done! 😀

WoWScrnShot_081416_220647 WoWScrnShot_081416_220713 WoWScrnShot_081416_220759

Needless to say we went to Dalaran (Northrend) to spam the usual quest…

WoWScrnShot_081416_220957_cr WoWScrnShot_081416_221043_cr

Group 2 will be running in a few weeks when a few members who need it return after Legion’s launch. Needless to say it’ll be a lot quicker on the night this 2nd time round, as we know the fight pretty well now 😀

Huge congratulations to everyone in Grp 1!

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