Thunder 10th Birthday Celebrations!

Thunder 10th Birthday Celebrations!

Happy 10th Birthday to us! 😀

So today we celebrated our 10th Birthday in style.

We kicked off with guild mount runs in Pandaria, hitting Mogushan Vaults and Throne of Thunder (spoiler, no mounts dropped).

After that, we had a bit of a party in Org, with Fireworks, cake and shenanigans aplenty:

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Afterwards we ran AQ40 and Blackwing Lair for the guild group achievements to finally get us our Guild Classic Raider achievement 😛


We also had some in house competitions:

1st Prize: Store Mount/Pet/Helm: Sar \o/

2nd Prize: Baby Winston Pet code: Thatothercow

3rd Prize: 100,000 Gold provided by Eldrinse & Sar: Zazzau – who only joined today! Welcome to the guild in style, eh Zaz? 😀

We also had a smorgasboard of pets /rolled for, for those who didn’t have them, kindly provided by our resident Pet Battler extraordinaire: Hemar!

Huge congratulations to the competition winners, and many many thanks to Eldrinse for organising everything today, to Hemar for provision of a pile of pets, and especially to everyone who turned up today to help us celebrate 10 wonderful years of an absolutely amazing guild.

We’re the oldest, continuously active guild on Kilrogg. Others have been around as long as us (only 2!), but they’ve all disbanded and reformed or gone into inactivity, none of which we’ve ever done in our 10 years.

Thank you to everyone, all Thunder members both past and present, for making this the wonderful guild it has always been.

A special thanks goes out to all past and present Officers and Council members, who have at times fought hard to keep us afloat and steered in the right direction.

You are all absolutely amazing people, and my past 7½ years in Thunder have been the happiest I’ve ever been in an online game ever. You guys are my friends and extended family.


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