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Kilrogg: There’s only 1 eye in kill: 6/13!

So we’ve got up to and including Teron Gorefiend cleared in the first reset, and with last night’s reset we re-cleared the first 5 bosses, leaving Gorefiend to re-murderalise on Friday and then we’ll be onto more progression!

I didn’t raid last reset, so I’ve got 1 screeny for up as far as we got last night, which was Kilrogg.

It’s weird murdering the guy your server’s named after 😛

Anyway, about halfway through normal mode after the first reset, and looking to punch our way through another handful of bosses before this reset is out!


Kilrogg: There’s only 1 eye in kill.

Winding down for 6.2


So we finished out the tier with normal mode kill of Blackhand, as we won’t have time to down Blast Furnace and BH himself, given that 6.2 drops next week.

I’d like to say a huge well done and heartfelt thank you to the players that stuck with us after the guild drama of February. Yes it took us a full 2 months to get ourselves back on our feet with regards to raiding, and that is essentially the only reason we didn’t manage to finish the tier on heroic difficulty.

Otherwise we would’ve finished off the tier with quite a few weeks to spare, perhaps over a month to spare, but alas it wasn’t to be in the end.

Hellfire Citadel launches on the 23/24 June dependant on your region, and whilst the raid itself looks good it is bringing with it quite substantial changes to itemisation of loot levels that I for one find troubling and unfair.


Anyway, let’s look forward to the first actual content patch of this expansion a full 8 months in!

Iron Maidens Rocked!

Sorry, it was a pun that had to be made. It’s like a rule or something…

Anyhoo, we finally wangled our way to a pretty smooth Iron Maidens kill. We’d been getting close for the past couple of nights, particularly the last night out where we had 2 bosses down but with most of the raid dead and a couple of turrets up.

However tonight we managed to pull it off, albeit with the aid of a very friendly guy from LFG: Amethon from Argent Dawn :)


Maidens Run to the Hills! #sorrynotsorry







So we’re now up to 8/10 in Heroic BRF, and just Blast Furnace and the main man himself, Blackhand to round out the tier :)

The race to down him before 6.2 is on!

Thogar: Train derailed on Platform 1 = 7/10 in HC BRF!

So we went in and faced off against Heroic Tho’gar for the first time this tier, and inside 2 hours?


Missed his train…








Pretty easy to be honest, and not that much more difficult than normal mode.

After that we gave Iron Maidens a run for their money for the last 45 minutes of the raid, and got them into their final phase inside of 30 minutes worth of pulls. So I think they’re definitely do-able very soon, and certainly next on the hit-list! :)



In other news, we’re still looking for some monks (DPS/Tank/Healer), perhaps a good Holy Pally and a good solid Mage. We’re heading into the last third of Heroic BRF and looking to polish it off before 6.2 hits in several weeks, so if you think you’d fit in, give Orc a shout on braniac#2383, or leave an application on our forum!


The Long Climb back

So, we’ve begun back into heroic raiding again properly following our mini-split several weeks ago.

When we last raided in Heroic BRF we got to 2/10.

So we wandered in there on Tuesday night, knocked over those same 2 bosses without much bother, then proceeded to knock over a 3rd (Beastlord) without too much trouble as well 😀

So we’re now at 3/10 in Heroic BRF, and pretty close to #4 at the same time, so I expect that we’ll hit 4/10 before the reset’s out! :)


So it happened.

It was well overdue tbh, as it hasn’t happened since late Cataclysm. What am I waffling on about? A guild split!

This one was a bit different though, being a bit more dramatic and stressful than most previous ones. However we’re still here, we’re still going to raid, and we’re still going to be the best guild on the server! :)

Needless to say our recruitment needs will be revisited over the next week or so, so keep an eye on the recruitment needs in the menu above :)

To those that left, all the best for the future. To those that stayed: let’s get to work!