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Hellfire Progress: 3/13!

So we went in on reset night and managed to get the first 3 bosses down on heroic mode!

Hellfire Assault took a few wipes as we were heavier on melee than we would’ve liked, Iron Reaver went down for new boss #2, then we went in and one shot Hellfire Council!

No pics as I wasn’t there, but that’s us a quarter of the way through heroic after 1 real night of progress!


Mannoroth & Heroic Hellfire Assault – both down!

Yep, a great night tonight!

We one shot Tyrant Velhari, then took 2 pulls to get Xhul’horac down.

We then decided to give Mannoroth a poke just before raid break and got him to 22%…

Bear in mind we had never done him before at all…

4 pulls later he was dead! πŸ˜€

Then, to cap it all off, we then kicked off our heroic forays into Heroic HFC a night early and only went and one-shot Heroic Hellfire Assault with 12 minutes left of the raid to fill! πŸ˜€

A great night, and we’re now at 12/13 in normal mode, and 1/13 in Heroic mode!


Mannoroth was a 4 pull kill!

8 Pulls tonight = 11/13!

Yep, you read it right. We only had to make 8 pulls all night to get both Tyrant (3 pulls) and Xhul’horac (5 pulls) both down!

A very impressive night all round, and this team is really starting to gel together quite well.Β That puts us at 11/13 now, with only Mannoroth and Archimonde left!

In fact we’re the top Horde side yet to begin heroic (7th overall Horde side including heroic guilds), and we’ve killed bosses that half the heroic raiding guilds haven’t as yet killed!

We will however likely begin into heroic after this upcoming reset, with at least 1 of our 3 nights progressing to 2 spent on heroic HFC.

We should be good for at least 3-5Β heroic bosses at this juncture IMO, albeit spread over the instance.

Anyhow, great job guys, a really impressive showing by everyone!


Tyrant: A Short Tirade



Hellfire Citadel: 9/13 Normal Mode Completed!

Boom, Boom, Boom!

Hat-trick of new bosses down tonight and we’re into the final stretch!

Iskar, Socrethar and Zakuun all downed tonight, very well done guys! πŸ˜€


Iskar: Isded









Socrethar: Deconstructed









Zakuun: Fel Lord Fell Dead








You will of course note how good my luck is with drops: Gold x 3, just the same as the other 6 bosses this reset.


PS: 7th Horde side guild, and tied in joint top with WAI for (just yet) non-heroic raiding in HFC!

We will be running Heroic HFC, but likely in a few weeks once we get a bit more gear from normal :)


Kilrogg: There’s only 1 eye in kill: 6/13!

So we’ve got up to and including Teron Gorefiend cleared in the first reset, and with last night’s reset we re-cleared the first 5 bosses, leaving Gorefiend to re-murderalise on Friday and then we’ll be onto more progression!

I didn’t raid last reset, so I’ve got 1 screeny for up as far as we got last night, which was Kilrogg.

It’s weird murdering the guy your server’s named after πŸ˜›

Anyway, about halfway through normal mode after the first reset, and looking to punch our way through another handful of bosses before this reset is out!


Kilrogg: There’s only 1 eye in kill.

Hellfire Citadel: Opening night!

And we’re off!

So first night in and we’re up to 3/13 normal mode, and looking to push that further this coming Friday!

We knocked over Assault, Iron Reaver and Kormrok for the first night collection. No picture of Assault, because there’s no “boss” left per se πŸ˜€

Well done guys, and let’s push for another 3+ on Friday!


Winding down for 6.2


So we finished out the tier with normal mode kill of Blackhand, as we won’t have time to down Blast Furnace and BH himself, given that 6.2 drops next week.

I’d like to say a huge well done and heartfelt thank you to the players that stuck with us after the guild drama of February. Yes it took us a full 2 months to get ourselves back on our feet with regards to raiding, and that is essentially the only reason we didn’t manage to finish the tier on heroic difficulty.

Otherwise we would’ve finished off the tier with quite a few weeks to spare, perhaps over a month to spare, but alas it wasn’t to be in the end.

Hellfire Citadel launches on the 23/24 June dependant on your region, and whilst the raid itself looks good it is bringing with it quite substantial changes to itemisation of loot levels that I for one find troubling and unfair.


Anyway, let’s look forward to the first actual content patch of this expansion a full 8 months in!