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So it happened.

It was well overdue tbh, as it hasn’t happened since late Cataclysm. What am I waffling on about? A guild split!

This one was a bit different though, being a┬ábit more dramatic and stressful than most previous ones. However we’re still here, we’re still going to raid, and we’re still going to be the best guild on the server! :)

Needless to say our recruitment needs will be revisited over the next week or so, so keep an eye on the recruitment needs in the menu above :)

To those that left, all the best for the future. To those that stayed: let’s get to work!


Recruitment Status

I’ve updated our current recruitment status, as we’ve recently opened our doors in a very limited fashion.

We closed recruitment over Christmas and New Year to allow new recruits to settle in and find their feet, but we’re now in need of a limited selection of bodies.

Be sure to check it out via the link in the nav bars above and to the right :)

Raid Progress: 9/10 BRF Normal!

We’re currently 9 out of 10 down in Blackrock Foundry on normal mode with Iron Maidens being our most recent kill, and heading to Blackhand on our final night of this reset!

Once the new reset kicks in, we’ll be trying our hand at heroic BRF, and see how far we can get in there :)

So far BRF has been a great raid instance, a lot more varied than Highmaul, where we polished off Heroic Imperator Mar’gok as you can see in shot #2 below :)

So well done so far guys! Only Blackhand left to go, and we’ve cleared normal mode inside of a double reset! :D



The Iron Maidens rock no more!


Imperator: Ruler of the void.

Welcome back to Thunder!

We’ve had a few problems over the past several months, and had only Forums available.

But we’re back, with a new site, and a new look!

For the sake of spam, comments are disabled site-wide and will not be re-enabled, we’re sorry, but spammers and hackers ruin things for everyone!

So we hope you enjoy the new site, and we’ll be sure to get you up to speed on our current progress ASAP! :D